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IIIXKitsuneXIII Avatar
IIIXKitsuneXIII Staff Member

Design: EWN
Proof of Ownership:
Items Being Applied (unlimited for ketixi, and you can use both rixixi and ketucari items):
Apparel x2?
BG: Endless Field
x1 Charged Fogshard Piece Swap: Drakespines -> Long Fur (Phoenix)
x4 Charged Fogshard Piece Chrono: January 25 2020 Windstorm, Labyrinthine Lacing, flourishing display, ultraviolet
Chromatic Token
Your Site Inventory Links (if applying items):
Please set name on upload: (Optional) End World Normeopathy

2023-10-26 03:03:13

Anarchie Avatar
Anarchie Staff Member

Approved! Items removed from your inventories!

2023-10-26 03:39:52