Obtaining & Applying Tokens


Tokens are free-floating, unapplied genes. They are not tied to any ancestors and can be applied to un-uploaded ketucari genotypes in order to give them the specified gene.

How to Obtain Tokens

Tokens are obtainable via the following methods:

Bullet; White From reaching renowned and elder rank 

Bullet; White As prizes from group events. Tokens won through group events are "soulbound" to the player and cannot be sold, traded, given away, etc.

Bullet; White Purchasable through an admin during occasional sales. Tokens bought from admins may be sold, traded, gifted, etc.

Bullet; White Sometimes sold by members who have purchased them from an admin sale

Applying Tokens: How-to and Rules

Bullet; White Tokens may be applied to any undesigned genotype, but may only be applied to uploaded ketucari once they have reached renowned rank.

Bullet; White New genes may not be purchased as tokens until they have been out in the playerbase for 3 months. For example, if a new gene were to be made available in a Wanderer raffle, the gene would not be available as a token until 3 months after a player has won the slot and successfully bred a ketucari with the new gene (i.e., it's available within the playerbase and not just confined to starters). The only exception to this rule is if a new gene token is given out during an event.

Bullet; White Applying tokens is simple! Once the token is in your hoard and your geno has been designed with the respective gene, just specify that you are using the token in the correct field of the design submission form. Once your design has been accepted, the token will be removed from your hoard. There are a few rules for tokens, however, so be sure to read them before applying your token!

Bullet; White When submitting a genotype with a token or tokens applied, please be sure to edit the phenotype and genotype to include the genes you're applying. Genotype codes for the genes can be found the gene's design page.

Bullet; White No more than 3 tokens may be used on a single genotype/upload. However, tokens may not be used to bring the genotypes total number of genes over 7. For example, if a genotype is born with 5 genes, you may only use 2 tokens on it.

Bullet; White Tokens for feather types and rare genes do not exist.

Bullet; White Tokens must have an assigned gene upon obtainment. This means they cannot be generalized "common tokens" or "uncommon tokens" and must have an actual gene specified. Unassigned tokens still in circulation cannot be used for markings released after 3/18/2017.

Bullet; White Tokens cannot be used to create dominant genes.